IMPORTANT:  To be sure to get the image you want, please read the sections below about CROPPING, and CANVAS WRAPS (if applicable) before you place an order.

My name is Robert Miller.  I am a retired large format fine art photographer that has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and Europe.  My prints hang in galleries and in private collections around the world.  These days, I'm either on Isla Mujeres, Mexico acquiring Caribbean/Mayan/Cuban/Mexican images, or dreaming about my next trip.  I created PHOTOISLA to display and share these images
with others similarly passionate about "Isla" and the Caribbean.

After an exhaustive series of print tests, I have chosen BAY PHOTO professional labs to print my images.  This Santa Cruz, California powerhouse creates the highest quality images of my work possible.  Add to that, fast turnaround, quick shipping, wonderful customer support, and they have my highest praise:  gallery prints that I would be proud to say I made myself (and hang on my wall.)  Bay Photo is know as the top Pro Lab in the world.

Fine Art is very subjective - it's what makes us HUMAN. And there are so many choices.  But if you ask me MY opinion of what looks best, here's what I would say:  It depends greatly on the original image.  Caribbean scenes are quite distinctive.  For scenes that showcase the bright, bold, colorful qualities of Isla Mujeres, I recommend MetalPrints (see discussion below about MetalPrints vs. metallic prints.)  No other kind of print can capture the sharpness and almost three dimensional quality of a print actually infused into aluminum.  For soft, pastel or painterly scenes, a CANVAS print captures the subtle watercolor painting feel (a more traditional look.)  There is NO right or wrong here - whatever makes you FEEL. Go for it!

Back in the days of "film," photographic print sizes were determined by a ratio of the dimensions of film negatives (similar to art canvas dimension.)  This produced print sizes of 4x6", 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20, etc.  These days, with digital cameras, image output is based on the size of camera sensors (and there are MANY types of sensors in DSLRs on the market right now.)  My pro DSLR (a lovely Pentax K-30) produces print sizes typical of the majority of DSLRs out there - instead of 8x10, my images would be 8x12.  Instead of 11x14, mine are 12x18, etc.  If you have your image custom framed (matted/mounted/framed) this is not a problem (although it's not cheap.)  You'll quickly find that most stores (from art shops to Walmarts) typically offer only the old-fashioned sizes inexpensively (8x10, 11x14, etc.)   So, for many of my print sizes, I offer BOTH versions (i.e. 8x10 AND 8x12, etc.)   In this example, an 8x12" print would give you the entire image on the print.  If you choose the 8x10 (traditional) size, the entire image (which is really 8x12) will be too big fit on an 8x10 print.  In these cases, you will be asked to CROP the image when you check out. Bay Photo will guide you through the cropping process
(which is very easy and puts you in complete control) as you check out, if cropping is needed.  If you do not manually crop the image, they will crop the image for you (trying to optimize the end result, depending on what the scene is.)  
This is especially important if you're ordering a WRAPPED canvas print (where the image wraps around the wooden frame and is visible from all sides.)  Remember that this reduces the image area on the surface by 1-1/2" all the way around.  This is not a bad thing at all, but you will just need to plan for it, especially when you order a "traditional" sized (8x10, 11x14, 16x20, etc.) print which will need to be cropped anyway.  
If you get to the end of the process in your Shopping Cart, and you either aren't sure what to do, or don't like what the final output looks like, please email me at:   I want you to be delighted with your print!

I recommend all art prints be mounted (typically on mattboard or foamcore), matted to a slightly larger size (i.e. - 11x14 prints would be matted for a 16x20 frame), and framed (I am partial to silver aluminum gallery frames, although this is a highly personal decision - I've seen beautiful results from frames made of seashells, onyx, and even rough barn wood!)  Even though all products created by Bay Photo will be archivally processed, you should protect all prints with glass (optically crystal clear, but fragile) or Plexiglas (very light weight and unbreakable, but can scratch easily.)  Exceptions to this rule would be true MetalPrints (any clear material over top of the print would degrade the clarity and 3D effect), canvas prints (which should be treated as a real painting), and ThinWraps (which come ready to be hung on the wall without a frame.)
This can all be done by Bay Photo through my website (but it can be rather expensive, but simple if you're willing to make the investment) or you could just order the print only and have it finished by a local framing shop.  If in doubt, please email me and I'd be glad to offer advise or help.
MATS:  Mats do a very important job on traditional framed artwork.  Besides making the artwork look good, the mat keeps the mounted artwork from coming in contact with the glass or Plexiglas cover.  Though all of my prints are fully achivally protected, an emulsion that contacts glass or plexi is in constant danger from humidity and chemicals ON the glass/plexi or condensing on the glass/plexi.  The mat (our unsung hero) prevents this from happening. Mats can be added to your order here on my website, or can be made by your local art/framing shop.

Once you place an order, it generally takes a few days to create your print, then about a week for you to receive your order.  If it is a special order (mounting/matting/framing/merchandise) it may take a few days longer.  Remember that each order is a CUSTOM order (
they are creating a custom piece of true art) made just for you (this ain't Walmart!)   If you haven't received your order within 3 or 4 weeks, (which is VERY unusual) and you've contacted the lab without satisfaction, please contact me.

"Robert was a joy to work with. He worked very closely with us on every detail and incorporated some of our ideas as well.
He was creative, flexible and very professional. He was even willing to meet with us at different locales around Isla.
He had so many great suggestions which was helpful since this was our first time on Isla.
From beginning to end he made our vow renewal ceremony both fun and magical.
Thanks Robert!  Highly recommended!"

Just wanted to share these beautiful photos Robert Miller took for us in Isla last week.
He was so easy to work with and helped me bring my "vision" to life!
Thank you for the billionth time.

Love the quality of all the prints!
It amazes me that you could get that many good quality pictures of six of us!
Thank you so much for all your time we had a blast.

Yes, I do.  While on Isla Mujeres, I'm available for portrait, ceremony and commission work.  
The fee will be commensurate
with the time and travel required, and output desired.
I'm also available to do all that locally (in the U.S.) when I'm not on Isla, too.
To check availability or to work on a photographic plan for you, just email me.

You can wiki it here, or find lots of info here, or simply Google 'Isla Mujeres.'
A warning, though:  visit Isla at your own peril.
Your life will never be the same again (in a GOOD way!)

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